Release Formats

Below is a list of the available release formats you can use when posting a license request. The royalty rate varies by format and is also provided below. Note that the rate for Interactive Audio Streams and Ringtones is always the same regardless of track length. All other rates vary according to the track length in minutes and seconds. Tracks over five minutes have a slightly higher royalty. Also note that 100% of the royalty goes to the copyright holder. Learn more about how royalty rates are calculated.

FormatID FormatTitle Royalty Rate
Under 5:00
Royalty Rate
5:01 - 6:00
Royalty Rate
6:01 - 7:00
Royalty Rate
7:01 - 8:00
1001 Compact Discs $0.0910 $0.1050 $0.1225 $0.1400
1002 Digital Downloads $0.0910 $0.1050 $0.1225 $0.1400
1003 Interactive Audio Streams $0.0100 $0.0100 $0.0100 $0.0100
1004 Ringtones $0.2400 $0.2400 $0.2400 $0.2400
1005 Vinyl Records $0.0910 $0.1050 $0.1225 $0.1400
1006 Player Piano Rolls $0.0910 $0.1050 $0.1225 $0.1400
1007 Cassette Tapes $0.0910 $0.1050 $0.1225 $0.1400
1008 Music Boxes $0.0910 $0.1050 $0.1225 $0.1400
1009 USB Memory $0.0910 $0.1050 $0.1225 $0.1400
1010 MIDI $0.0910 $0.1050 $0.1225 $0.1400
1011 Integrated Circuits $0.0910 $0.1050 $0.1225 $0.1400
Note - The release format is specified using the FormatID when you post a request. The release format can be updated up until licensing has begun.
Expected Outlets of Distribution - If the Interactive Audio Streams format is requested, we will need to know where the streams will be released. When posting, provide a brief summary of the distribution outlets. Popular choices include CD Baby, Bandcamp, ReverbNation, personal websites, and band pages. If using a distribution package, this can be summarized by naming the package. For example "All CD Baby Stores", "CD Baby Pro", and "CD Baby Standard" are all acceptable values. If you are not sure, check with the digital distributor (CD Baby, TuneCore, Symphonic) or the client.

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